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Seneca Banking Consultants (SBC) has been established as part of the widely experienced Seneca Group serving funding, investment and advisory needs of corporates. Our banking consultancy business extends our existing debt advisory expertise to support businesses which have been directly impacted by mis-sold Interest Rate Swaps and other Interest Rate Hedging Products. These products were widely sold by financial institutions, from 2001, but mainly between 2005 and 2010, in conjunction with term loan and overdraft products with the intention to minimise risks associated with interest rate rises.

SBC is a leading UK financial expert offering specialist advice to a wide range of businesses who have been mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging Products. We have advised small, medium and large businesses, as well as partnerships and individuals, within nearly every sector. Any sized business from any sector could have been mis-sold a complex Interest Rate Hedging Product.

SBC is one of a number of specialist financial businesses within the Seneca Group. Other areas of expertise include Corporate Finance, Asset Management and Private Equity Investment. We have offices in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds together with extended national networks.

The SBC team includes highly experienced corporate financiers, chartered accountants, bankers, and corporate and commercial lawyers who together provide our clients with a first class claims management solution in relation to their mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging claim. The team at SBC comes from a variety of disciplines including senior investment banking, corporate and commercial law, corporate finance, institutional investment and forensic accountancy. Unlike our competitors (which are mainly law firms) we are able to offer a full in-house solution to clients pursuing a claim for a mis-sold Swap or other Interest Rate Hedging Product.

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