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Bank of Scotland Interest Rate Swap Claims

Were you sold an ‘insurance product’ by the Bank of Scotland that protected against interest rate rises on a loan or other contractual agreement? Then you could be entitled to join the ranks of other businesses making interest rate swap claims against the Bank of Scotland and other big name banking institutions.

These ‘insurance products’ – namely interest rate swaps, caps and collars – have been widely mis-sold since back in 2002, leaving a huge number of businesses out of pocket and trapped in a contract too costly to escape. However, with banks like the Bank of Scotland setting aside up to £3billion pounds to repay businesses that were mis-sold these products, there’s now a way you can find peace of mind once more. Call our interest rate swap claims experts today on 01204 896 922 to find out whether you’re eligible to make a swap claim, or fill in the call back form.