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Barclays Interest Rate Swap Claims

Barclays are just one of the banks to commence a review into the mis-selling of interest rate swaps, caps and collars, and paying out millions of pounds in swap claim compensation to a whole range of businesses, firms and individuals. By mis-sold, we mean sold to you without the small print and other contractual details being fully explained, or with you not really understanding what an interest rate swap, cap or collar actually was.

Does this sound like an all too familiar story? Then let our interest rate swap claims professionals help. We’re dedicated to getting back the money you’re owed from a mis-sold interest rate swap or other hedging product, and are currently advising over 300 businesses on their swap claim. Our experienced experts have a keen eye and are trained in spotting even the most devious hedging products, such as products that appear hidden within your loan documents.

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