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Global Restructuring Group – GRG

Following the media coverage surrounding GRG (Global Restructuring Group), Seneca Banking Consultants have been reaching out to provide support and guidance to those businesses affected by RBS.  Seneca Banking are at the forefront of winning compensation for businesses mistreated by the Banks. Seneca have previously recovered £2.75m in relation to GRG claims and have also recovered just under £100 million in total compensation for clients. Seneca have recently been featured in The Financial Times for our work in relation to GRG. You can see this post here.


The FCA’s findings highlight misleading and poor communication with SMEs throughout GRG. The placement of undue focus on pricing increases and debt reduction to the long term detriment of SMEs, have drawn a clear link between the Bank’s handling of West Register and significant losses. Thousands of innocent people lost their businesses and were heavily affected by GRG and West Register. The FCA has yet to release their full report on the Bank’s misconduct, but their statement fails to hit back hard enough against RBS.

Following the FCA’s statement, RBS has announced a new complaints scheme but the compensation is not enough for those affected by GRG. For more information on GRG, take a look at the Seneca blog. GRG-CTA

How can Seneca help?

As GRG experts, Seneca have been long pursuing the release of the FCA’s report and are able to offer full support to customers who have suffered at the hands of GRG. Seneca have been at the forefront of winning compensation for businesses mistreated by the Banks. Seneca are already working with a number of clients who have been affected by GRG.

Utilising our specialist knowledge of Bank misconduct, we are able to review your experience and provide guidance on the options available.

If you would like to find out if you have a GRG claim, please contact us using our contact form and one of our specialist will be able to assist. Alternatively, you can call us on 01204 322 805.