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Lloyds Interest Rate Swap Claims

The news is full of stories about big name banks such as Lloyds selling complicated financial products like interest swaps, caps and collars without properly explaining the risks. This coupled with interest rates dropping to record lows has left many businesses saddled with huge debts they didn’t even realise they had. However, due to such intense news coverage and public outcry, this also means those businesses affected have the chance to embark on interest rate swap claims against Lloyds.

If you believe you’re one of the people affected by the swap claim scandal, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Due to the complex nature of identifying a mis-sold product and of the negotiation process itself, we recommend enlisting the help of our specialist advisors to ensure your final offer from Lloyds is fair and just. Simply fill in the form opposite to request a call back, or phone 01204 896 921 now to find out more about our Lloyds interest rate swap claims.