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Full Review

Our full review consist of the following services:

  • A thorough fact find where we obtain all and any necessary documentation from the Bank. Where appropriate we can negotiate the release of such documentation to enable us to build a comprehensive claim
  • We will conduct a full review of the sales process and determine:
    • if you have an Interest Rate Hedging Product and what type of product you have;
    • if your Interest Rate Hedging Product was a condition of sanction;
    • If the Bank met its regulatory and statutory obligations during the sale of the Interest Rate Hedging Product;
    • The extent of the Bank’s due diligence; and
    • The quality and nature of the information disclosed by the Bank.
  • We will prepare Limitation Standstill Agreements which will protect your legal entitlement to pursue a claim against the Banks through litigation without it being time-barred
  • Prepare and draft detailed letter of complaint outlining your claim and make suitable representations regarding the mis-sale of your Interest Rate Hedging Product
  • Prepare a detailed financial pricing report unique only to Seneca Banking Consultants
  • Negotiate with the Banks and assist with assessing whether redress is fair and reasonable
  • Evaluate the financial impact of the Interest Rate Hedging Product and potential outcome of your claim
  • Provide wider advice on refinancing or restructuring facilities in conjunction with exiting your current facilities
  • Where appropriate, engage third-party external experts – financial forensic accountants and/or specialist legal counsel
  • Provide options for litigation
  • Progress your claim to a successful outcome in a timely and professional manner