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Unique Financial Pricing Report

Unique Modelling Software

We have the modelling expertise to price Interest Rate Swaps and other Hedging Products historically. When we deal with your claim, we will examine your products and claim in detail and use our own unique financial modelling capabilities to calculate the exact losses you have endured as a result of the Interest Rate Hedging Product, taking into account important factors like:

  • The total amount you have paid under the Interest Rate Hedging Product;
  • The price of an alternative product;
  • How worse off your business has been as a result of the Interest Rate Hedging Product;
  • The break costs you might incur should you wish to break the Interest Rate Hedging Product early; and
  • The profit made by the financial institution

Our pricing report will be sent to the Bank with your claim substantiating your losses. This service is unparalleled by other claims management companies and law firms. We provide this report as part of our review service but we also provide our pricing reports for third parties as expert evidence.

Seneca Banking Consultants’ Interest Rate Hedging Valuation Service