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Global Restructuring Group

The Global Restructuring Group was Royal Bank of Scotland’s former turnaround division which was used to raise money for the Bank. Mistreated businesses were sold of their assets and eventually driven into liquidation.

Global Restructuring Group

Interest Rate Hedging Products

An Interest Rate Swap or Interest Rate Hedging Product is a type of financial derivative, used as protection against rising interest rates, usually sold alongside a bank loan, such as swaps, caps and collars.

Interest Rate Hedging Products

Tailored Business Loans

A Tailored Business Loan is embedded into a loan facility which is separate to a standard loan or hedging arrangement. It appears as a standard fixed rate loan with many associated risks which are often unexplained.

Tailored Business Loans

Currency Swaps

A Currency Swap is a foreign exchange derivative that can allow a company to enter into a foreign market with the benefit of domestic rates in the respective country, protecting themselves from currency fluctuations.

Currency Swaps

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