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January 7, 2014

A Scandal which is Off the Scale

Around 100 000 firms have been sold Interest Rate Hedging Products by the Banks; which is a far greater number than anyone could have predicted. A […]
December 20, 2013

An Extended and Comprehensive Review is in Order

MPs are requesting that redress procedures have to be extended, as they need to be scrutinised in further detail if small and medium-sized businesses are to […]
December 20, 2013

The Swap Scandal Could Be Even Bigger than Anyone Realised

This gentleman is Martin Wheatley; chief executive of the FCA and main spokesman for all of the small and medium-sized companies, who have been severely impeded […]
December 18, 2013

Sophisticated or Non-Sophisticated?

If a business is deemed ‘non-sophisticated’ then they are automatically entered into the redress scheme or can opt to join this process if they want to […]
December 18, 2013

A Record-Breaking Pay Out

November was rather a good month for redress payments as they totalled an astounding £81.2 million pounds; which is unbelievable. Businesses are finally getting the reimbursement […]
December 18, 2013

A Record Fine from the FCA

Lloyds have been hit rather hard financially, as they have played a huge part in the scandal revolving around Interest Rate Hedging Products and the FCA […]